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In other words, Amazon has — to its credit — reduced shopping to a science, but in doing so has also sapped it of its aesthetic, social, kinetic and human joy. And it's this one tiny yet glaring chink in Amazon's seemingly impenetrable suit of armour that may just offer their competitors an opportunity to inflict a small wound, or at least save themselves from outright annihilation. Using art to counter Amazon’s science, retailers may just stand a chance of surviving, if not thriving in their shadow. Using art to counter Amazon’s science, retailers may just stand a chance of surviving, if not thriving in their shadow. But it’s a strategy that demands that these same retailers finally come to grips with a longstanding and inconvenient truth. Most retail experiences aren’t fun, beautiful or joyful either. There’s a reason people aren’t going to the mall anymore. There’s a cause for all the store closures. So how does one engineer joy?

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Opinion polls forecast LREM รองเท้าผ้าใบ ig and its center-right Modem allies will win at least 30 percent of votes on Sunday. The conservative The Republicans party and its allies trail with about 20 percent, ahead of the far-right National Front on about 17 รองเท้าวิ่ง ไซส์ใหญ่ percent. Such an outcome would transform into a landslide majority in the second round, the opinion polls show. "I think voters are pretty mobilized behind LREM," said Georges Garion, a 64-year-old company manager, before voting began in Paris. "We're seeing a kind of majority cohesion, it's democracy at work." While predicting the outcome can be tricky with 7,882 candidates vying for parliament's seats, even LREM's rivals have been saying they expect Macron to secure a majority. Their strategy has been to urge voters to make sure the opposition will be big enough to have some clout in parliament. "We shouldn't have a monopolistic party," former prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve, a Socialist, told Reuters. The survival of the Socialist Party, which ruled France for the past five years but is forecast to get just 15 to 30 seats, is at stake, as is the unity of The Republicans. Some key figures from both parties have rallied behind Macron. The National Front, reeling from a worse than expected score for chief Marine Le Pen in the presidential election, could miss its target to get enough lawmakers to form a parliamentary group. It is expected though to improve on the two deputies it had in the previous legislature.

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