Choosing Rational Plans Of Evening Dress

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Donald Trump won't like these pictures of him in a dress so don't share them …

Now then, let’s get on with it. I’m in a situation where I have to tell a colleague they aren’t dressed appropriately. The situation is that I’m male, she’s female, and the issue is that she dresses a bit too nicely at times (read: inappropriately so). It’s not too bad, and it doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough that I need to say something (especially when we’re having customer-facing events). I would like to get the message across without embarrassing her, without affecting our working relationship, and without having to resort to corporate/HR BS. I have one question for you: are you this woman’s superior in any way? And just to be clear, “superior” doesn’t mean being older or being a man. You say “colleague” so I’m guessing you’re not. So if you’re not her professional superior, it’s not your place to be commenting on the appropriateness of her attire—at all. Heck, even if she is a subordinate, it’s still pretty inappropriate to say anything about her appearance. And I don’t know what you mean exactly by dressing “too nicely, inappropriately so.” You might be saying she’s dressing up too much—like going black tie to a business caj lunch—but I’m think you mean dressing too attractively and couldn’t think of a better way to say you think she dresses like a slut sometimes.

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